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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment to save teeth and eliminate pain

Root Canal Therapy is a technique used when the nerve of the tooth is dying or has died. When this happens, a dental abscess can easily arise which can be very painful and often causes a lot of swelling. Rest assured that help will be at hand if this should ever happen to you!

At Brilliant Dental Care we’ll do everything we can to make sure you remain comfortable during the process of root canal therapy. Patients sometimes come to us with negative experiences in the past – but we’re absolutely dedicated to putting you at ease and making the process as painless as possible.

The treatment includes the removal of the dead or dying nerve to protect the tooth from any further damage. This will increase the lifespan of the tooth and, crucially, eliminate any pain you may have been feeling!

No more pain... and a natural-looking tooth

Once this treatment is completed we’ll restore the tooth so that both its functionality and appearance are enhanced. Often we’ll use a tooth-coloured composite resin to achieve this, although it may require a crown if the remaining tooth structure wouldn’t otherwise be strong enough.

A tooth treated with root canal therapy can last just as long as a normal tooth. Since these teeth are no longer sensitive to pain, it’s important not to miss your regular check-up, so we can look for any signs of decay which you won’t have been able to feel.

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