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Gum Health & Breath Freshness

No need to embarrassed about this common problem... we can help!

Poor breath freshness is such a common complaint... but it’s one which can easily ruin your self-confidence if it isn’t treated.

There are many different causes of bad breath, including simple dietary issues or smoking. Frequently, gases released by the bacteria coating your teeth or gums are the underlying cause – or even small pieces of food trapped inside any awkward corners between your teeth. If this is the case, we can help you to solve the problem.

Developing a programme that’s right for your individual needs

It might be that correct and regular brushing will make all the difference – we can advise you on this – but we’ll always take the time to consult with you so we can be sure we’ve reached the source of the problem.

In oral hygiene – like so much else that we do – there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Instead, we will provide an individual programme to help rectify the causes of bad breath. This will normally include regular appointments with our specialist hygienist to measure plaque levels and prevent periodontal disease, as well as addressing breath freshness. We also provide a cosmetic air polish to remove any stains.

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