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Dental Health Check-up

Your regular dental check-up really is important

As well as the first step towards creating a beautiful smile, it’s a crucial part of your general health routine. Here at Brilliant, the check-up we carry out is thorough and comprehensive, without taking up too much of your time or causing the least discomfort. We’ll assess the whole of your mouth with great care, including checking teeth for wear and fillings for signs of damage and decay.

Importantly, we also take the time to talk with you, so we understand exactly how you feel about your teeth or the general appearance of your mouth. We call this our ‘Smile Check’ and it’s one of the big differences between our service and anything you’re likely to have experienced before!

We’ll also take X-rays and examine your jaw for any signs of wear and tear, or potential problems in future.

More personal attention... better communication

If you need any treatment, we’ll discuss this in detail with you so you know exactly what we’ll be doing and why. Often you’ll have more than one treatment option... if this is the case we’ll decide together which is best for you.

In short, you’ll encounter the same highly professional attention – and warm, friendly welcome – whether you come to us for a general check-up or sophisticated cosmetic dentistry treatment. It’s all part of the service that makes Brilliant Dental Care stand out.

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