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General Dentistry

From a filling to a smile makeover… one local practice for all your dental needs

Brilliant Dental has a mission to bring new standards of cosmetic dentistry to our own corner of South Wales... but more than this, we want to offer you the convenience of a single practice to meet all your dentistry needs, whether they may be major or minor.

Brilliant Dental offers full smile makeover cosmetic dentistry solutions, as well as a comprehensive range of core treatments including:

  • Replacing traditional amalgam fillings with natural-coloured ‘white’ fillings
  • Providing root fillings
  • Carrying out crown and bridge work
  • Modern, highly effective tooth whitening techniques
  • Fixed brace orthodontics
  • Clearstep orthodontics (‘invisible’ braces)
  • General check-ups and routine dental work
  • Specialist hygienist service to help prevent future problems and maintain a healthy mouth

Simply follow the links on this page to find out more about each of the services and treatments we offer.

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