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Lip Fillers

Frame your smile with perfect lips that bring your vitality back.

With age, the lips naturally become thinner and lose their definition, and the v-shaped area of the upper lip, known as Cupid’s bow, is where you’re most likely to see this happen. Many people try to disguise the effects of ageing in this area with make-up, but it can bleed down the vertical wrinkles and actually highlight the problem.

If you’ve been wondering how to look younger, lip fillers are an easy answer because they’re quick, affordable and non-invasive.

The whole procedure takes as little as 30 minutes and because the lips are sensitive, local anaesthetic cream is applied about an hour before the procedure to numb them.

Collagen is injected, usually into the upper rim of the lip to define the Cupid’s bow, and immediately afterwards you may experience small pinpricks for a few hours. There is often some mild redness of the skin, but this settles by the next day and bruising is unusual - in any case, makeup can be applied immediately and your plumper lips will look and feel completely natural.

Collagen is the main component of connective tissue and skin and for lip fillers it is purified, and suspended in saline with local anaesthetic for injection. Some people are allergic to collagen, so your dentist will perform a test to check this is a safe product for you. Other materials can be used for lip fillers too; such as a synthetic gel.

Lip fillers are also known as temporary lip fillers or temporary lip enhancement because, like other non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments, they are not permanent. The injections are absorbed by the body in about three months because, as the mouth moves for eating, talking and expressions, the collagen, a natural part of the connective tissue that in the skin provides firmness and suppleness, is gradually broken up and disperses into the body, eventually disappearing completely.

Before choosing lip fillers we recommend that you talk to one of our facial aesthetics practitioners to discuss the kind of results you’re aiming for, as it may be that further treatments at Brilliant Dental Care such as Tooth Whitening and Anti-wrinkle Treatments can be combined in subtle ways for the best results. We’d love to create a personal treatment plan for you.

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