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Tooth Coloured Restorations

Enjoy the natural look of tooth- coloured ‘white’ fillings

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘white fillings’ before – we prefer to say ‘tooth coloured restorations’ because the fillings are actually available in a great many shades to match the colour of your own teeth... or the colour they will become after whitening or other treatment!

Brilliant Dental Care offer a choice of materials to restore teeth which have been fractured or decayed, including traditional metal-coloured amalgam fillings. But it seems entirely understandable to us that many patients wish their fillings to be as close as possible to the natural shade of their teeth.

Tooth-coloured can be made while you’re being treated and can be blended into your teeth, all at a single sitting. Alternatively, more substantial ‘white’ fillings can be provided for large cavities, to be constructed by a lab technician after an initial appointment.