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Realigning and straightening teeth with unobtrusive and comfortable modern braces

Here at Brilliant Dental Care, we understand that you don’t just want a successful result from your braces, you also want to get there without discomfort or embarrassment. The modern braces which we fit offer you a high degree of flexibility so that your lifestyle isn’t compromised while they do their work.

You can choose either removable or fixed braces. We’re delighted to offer braces which are virtually invisible – akin to a clear plastic gum shield in appearance, but highly effective in gently repositioning your teeth. You can also remove them when you’re eating or cleaning your teeth.

Barely noticeable fixed braces

Fixed braces take the form of small brackets which are connected to the teeth with wires which help to move them into their desired position. Contrary to many people’s expectations, they don’t have to be immediately noticeable – you can choose ceramic, tooth-coloured braces which are almost invisible.

Whatever type of braces you choose, we’ll regularly review your progress to make sure you stay comfortable and the brace does its job in the shortest time possible. This will mean returning to the practice from time to time for readjustment.

At the end of the process any problems of unequal spacing, crooked teeth or overlapping should be behind you... leaving you with the confident smile you always wanted!