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Cosmetic Dentistry

Time to give yourself the smile you always wanted... a truly life-changing decision

Who wouldn’t want to be able to greet the world with a stunning smile? Many people regularly spend large sums in beauty treatments and hair styling, but surprisingly few consider the enormous boost to self-confidence which can come from investing in the smile they always wanted. After all, your smile probably reflects your individuality more than any other single feature – and goes a long way towards creating a favourable first impression. Isn’t it worth considering?

Now you can take advantage of highly skilled cosmetic dentistry right here in our own corner of South Glamorgan... with first class service at affordable rates.

Tooth whitening... a simple option for a brighter, whiter smile

At Brilliant Health Care we offer a range of tooth whitening services, some of which offer almost instant results. We have an excellent record in providing successful treatment with many satisfied patients.

Veneers – like a false finger nail for your tooth!

Veneers are used if teeth are stained, chipped or badly aligned. These thin porcelain facings are easily fitted to the front of the tooth, just like a false finger nail. Our patients have told us that this simple process has really rejuvenated their smiles, giving a more natural appearance.

Orthodontics – effective discreet tooth straightening

Orthodontics involves straightening or gently repositioning teeth to arrive at the perfect smile. If you presently think of braces as being obtrusive or taking many, many months to become effective, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. The modern orthodontic techniques Brilliant Dental Care can offer you a hassle-free route to perfectly aligned teeth...

  • Fixed braces use small brackets, attached to your teeth with wires. The brackets can be tooth coloured and appear relatively discreet.
  • Invisible braces are the invisible way to straighten your teeth using a series of custom made, undetectable aligners.

Both of these treatments can greatly enhance your smile and overall confidence. As one of our patients recently said “I can now smile again after this treatment!

*Please note that the treatments advertised may not be appropriate for every patient, a full consultation must be carried out in the Practice before any dental work or facial aesthetics can be undertaken.