Tips on finding a dentist in Pontyclun

Posted by Default Admin on 31 August 2014


Are you new to the area or looking for a new dentist because you aren’t happy with your old one? Finding a dentist to suit you and your family needs can often take time and isn’t always a decision that should be made overnight.

Here are some tips that can make your search for a dentist in Pontyclun much easier.

Trust and personality

You shouldn’t choose a dentist purely based on the whether you like their personality, however it is important to like and trust them to a degree,as visiting the dentist isn’t necessarily at the top of people’s list of favourite pastimes and a friendly dentist will make you more likely to want to attend regularly. Having a friendly dentist is particularly important if you have children because they can easily be intimidated by perfectly professional dentists if they don’t display a positive range of emotions. You want to choose a dentist with a professional, honest attitude and a welcoming personality so that you and your children can feel more relaxed about visiting the dentist and having treatment.


Most patients search for the dentist offering the lowest fees, assuming that all dental work is the same. However, the level of dental care offered varies, and too often low cost equates to lower quality dental materials. Patients only realise this error when their dental appliance or filling fails and requires constant replacement. But keep in mind that a dentist who charges a high fee does not necessarily provide greater dental care. Make sure you take all these factors into consideration when making that all important choice.


When looking for a dental practice it’s important to consider which treatments you and your family will need. For example, if you or your child might need braces then make sure you choose a practice that has a trained orthodontist or a dentist who is able to offer different options for fitting braces. If you want to take advantage of cosmetic surgery, then you might want to choose somewhere that specialises in this.

Opening hours

There isn’t much sense in selecting a dental practice with 9- 5 opening hours on a Monday to Friday if you have a full time job and you are likely to be working during these hours, which is why many dentists are now opening 6 or 7 days a week. Also make sure you find out if emergency care is provided on weekends or after hours, to avoid registering with a dentist to later find out that the office is closed when you develop that toothache.