The benefits of a good mouthwash for patients in Ponyclun

Posted by Ruth Morris on 24 October 2014


Using a good mouth wash is an essential part of a good oral hygiene routine alongside brushing and flossing.  The rinses are an excellent way of helping prevent tooth decay and are designed to further clean any unwanted bacteria left in your mouth after cleaning.

Here are some of the benefits of using an antiseptic mouthwash: 

  • Oral rinses may contain fluoride, which helps to prevent tooth decay. There are different strengths of fluoride for differing needs, sodium fluoride, calcium, Cryolite, Fluorosilicic acid, Sodium Fluorosilicate, Stannous Fluoride and Sulfuryl Fluoride. Sodium Fluoride is used in most toothpastes, mouthwashes, dental varnish, dental preparations and nutritional supplements
  • Can help reduce sensitivity, providing all round protection against sensitive teeth.
  • Mouth washes usually contain germ-fighting (antiseptic) ingredients.  These will help in the fight against gum disease and will also help relieve pain from impacted wisdom teeth Mouth washes help keep the mouth clean after extraction, reducing problems as a result. 
  • Can help with oral hygiene in those with limited dexterity or where proper brushing is difficult, e.g. when fixed orthodontic brackets are in place
  • Some products can help numb the pain from mouth-ulcers
  • Can help cover up bad breath, in the short term. You will need to visit your dentist if you suffer from bad breath as there may be a serious issue that you are unaware of.
  • Mouth washes can help healing if used before and after and oral surgery as Chlorhexidine found in mouth washes is active against certain bacteria such as viruses, bacteria spores and fungi. It kills the micro-organisms associated with various mouth and throat infections, and other common conditions in the mouth.
  • Oral rinses are easy to use all you have to do is take a mouthful after cleaning your teeth and swish it around in your mouth for a few minutes before spitting out.

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