Shaping The Perfect Smile

Posted by Default Admin on 27 May 2015

Lots of people are aware of the different whitening options available to them if they want to address the colour of the teeth. However, colour isn't the only issue some fret over. Crooked teeth, overlapping teeth, unsightly spaces between the teeth... All of these can be a source of unhappiness. What people tend to be less aware of is the multitude of different options available to address these too!

For some, the only option they can think of are annoying and obtrusive braces. Actually, dental technology has come on in leaps and bounds and there are now several different ways to reshape your teeth. Here at Brilliant Dental, we offer a variety of treatments for you to achieve the smile you want. Here is a brief outline of some of the cosmetic treatments we have available:


Our braces are modern. They are subtle and will cause minimum disturbance to you. You can opt for either fixed or removable braces, depending on your specific needs. If fixed, you can choose for tooth-coloured ones that look natural and almost invisible. We have an almost invisible option for the removal braces too: made out of see-through material.


These are the ideal option if it is the shape of the teeth themselves which is concerning you. Thin facings are placed over the teeth, thereby altering the appearance of both their shape and colour. At Brilliant, we offer you both traditional porcelain veneers or the newer 'Edelweiss' variety.

Any of the above options can be used to give you a total smile makeover. Whatever your concerns, come in to chat to us about it and we'll discuss the best approach for you out of our range of procedures and treatments. Call us on 01443 887564 to book an appointment.