New Year, New You

Posted by Default Admin on 29 December 2015

With the 1st January approaching, it's a time for resolutions. Often, some vow to prioritise their teeth. The reasons for such a vow are plentiful: an improvement in your confidence, an improvement in your health, a general sense of well being. With this in mind, what can Brilliant offer you for you to feel confident about your mouth as we head into 2016?



We offer two different treatments to help you achieve the shade you want: tooth whitening and cosmetic tooth polish.

If stains are a key concern, a cosmetic tooth polish may be the best way for you to head into the new year feeling confident about your smile. Stains are painlessly blasted off and it's a very straightforward procedure.

Tooth whitening is an especially good choice if you are concerned about grey, mottled or yellowing teeth. Options range from instant results to a gradual whitening system.


Before having your teeth whitened, your dental hygeinst will remove any bacteria in the form of tartar and plaque, from your teeth. Here is a little more about the role of a hygienist.  



A hygeinst's role is to deep clean your teeth and check for any signs of gingivitis. You should aim to visits you hygeinst every 6 months to a year, as plaque and tartar can build up overtime and damage your enamel coating. Visits to the hygsinest should not be a substitute for visits to the dentist, who act as the equivilent of your GP, but for your teeth's welfare!  



Smile makeovers are bespoke treatment plans created by the patient and the dentist together. It encompasses several different treatments and is performed to enhance and restore their smile. For example, if a patient has dental veneers placed on certain teeth, they can have their natural teeth coloured to be the same shade as their new veneers. Smile makeovers can include the following treatments; 

- Veneers. 

- Dental crowns and bridges 

- Gum lifting and reshaping. 

- General dentistry. 



We offer a range of treatments, including bridges, implants and veneers.

Bridges are porcelain inserts which will replace any missing teeth, restoring your smile to its original condition. Implants have the same aim but are actually inserted into the jawbone and artificial teeth are then placed on top. Either option means thatyou can leave our clinic no longer feeling self-conscious about any gaps.


Come to see us to have any concerns addressed before they have a chance to worsen. Remember, the earlier something is investigated, the earlier it can be sorted and therefore the chance of it becoming something serious is minimised. A simple dental check-up will give us the chance to assess the state of your teeth and gums and make sure that you enter 2016 with your mouth in its best possible condition.