Mouth Guards

Posted by Default Admin on 24 September 2015

To some people, the notion of mouthguards does little more than conjure up memories of school hockey games. Mouthguards are known for looking comical and perhaps for being a bit of a nuisance. Actually, they are an essential tool for protecting your teeth in sport. They serve to shield your teeth and gums from injury, lessening your chance of any permanent damage. The British Dental Health Foundation recommends that you wear a professionally made mouthguard whenever you play sport that involves physical contact or moving objects. If the head is an intentional target in the game, wearing a mouthguard is absolutely key as your chance of force being applied to the teeth and jaw is very high.

Mouthguards are specially made to fit over your teeth and gums so that they are cushioned and protected from damage. There are a range available for purchase - dentists can make you a custom-made mouthguard which exactly fits your mouth. Also available are ready-made mouthguards or 'boil and bite' versions. Please do not underestimate the benefit of a good fit. A poorly fitted mouthguard offers inadequate protection and therefore heightens the risk of dental trauma occurring if force is applied to the mouth. If you are still growing, your mouthguard will probably need replacing fairly regularly. If you are an adult, your mouthguard won't need replacing as frequently but you should bring it along to your dental check-ups to get it checked over.

If you aren't convinced that a mouthguard is a worthwhile investment, consider this: what would the cost to you be if you were to lose a tooth?

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