Posted by Default Admin on 26 October 2015

With Bonfire Night and Halloween approaching, there has been a focus on horror and gore. These events also tend to invite a lot of confectionary. Consumption of these treats, although often delicious, can wreck havoc on your teeth. With this in mind, here we outline a few things to be aware of at these celebrations in order to ensure that your teeeth are kept in optimum condition.

A party isn't an excuse to scrimp on your usual routine

Yes, one late night and skipping one lot of brushing your teeth before bed won't be devastating on its own. However, it won't help your teeth in any way. It lays the groundwork for a habit of neglecting your routine and that will have a detrimental effect on your overall dental health. In isolation, you are likely to wake up with bad breath and a genuine feeling of discomfort - something which can easily be avoided for the sake of two minutes brushing!

Avoid danger foods

Alcohol has acidic propertiers which soften and weaken your tooth enamel. Sugar contains lots of energy for the bacteria in your mouth to feast upon, which means they then produce acid. As a result, the wine and sweets available at Halloween and Bonfire Night create conditions for acid to run riot in your mouth. Making sure to opt for non-acidic drinks and cut down on the sweets will be something your teeth will thank you for.

Have fun!

Our local area has a host of events for you. There's Halloween Horrors on the day itself at Giles Gallery, the Ponty Big Bang Fireworks Event at Ynysangharad War Memorial Park on 1st November and a firework display at Pontyclun RFC Windsort Fields on the 4th November. What better opportunity to flash a gleaming smile?

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