Homemade Orthodontics

Posted by Default Admin on 8 December 2015

Over the past year, a worrying trend has emerged amongst young adults: homemade orthodontics. Seeking to skip the fuss of regular orthodontic appointments, some people have started making their own 'braces' (or attempts at them) using items such as elastic bands, in order to close gaps in their teeth.

However, the true repercussions of these actions are not being publicised enough. Gap bands can lead to:

  1. Tooth discoloration - the blood supply to the tooth gets damaged
  2. Gum infection - this can even lead to gums changing shape
  3. Tooth loss - this can occur as a result of both infection and/or loss of blood supply

People are attempting the 'gap band' route for a quick fix. In actual fact, the long-term damage caused by use of gap bands is likely to mean much more dental treatment and professional intervention than just opting for professional treatment straightaway!

Today, there are a host of professional orthodontic treatments available. Treatments can be done in only a few months and the wide range of subtle or invisible options mean that there is no need to be concerned about the cosmetic repercussions. You have options that will mean you are probably the only one who'll know about your braces - but many more will see the improvement in your smile.

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