Healthier low in sugar alternatives for patients in Pontyclun

Posted by Default Admin on 21 November 2014


With many children in Wales suffering from tooth decay, now is the perfect time to look at healthier low sugar alternatives to encourage patients in Pontyclun to reduce their sugar intake.

Swap your cereal brand for a low in sugar alternative

You might be surprised to hear this, but supermarket brands such as Tesco Value Cornflakes and Asda Malt Flakes actually contain less sugar than Kellogg’s Cornflakes and Special K. A healthier alternative is to switch your toast or usual cereal to plain porridge or wholegrain cereal. If you want to add a little flavour to your cereal, why not add a banana or apple to your porridge or Weetabix?

 Lower sugar desserts and pudding swaps

 For those of you with a sweet tooth who are partial to a pudding, it can be difficult trying to find alternatives to those tasty sugar loaded treats.

  • Why not try some refreshing puddings that contain fruit, such as peaches and ice cream or jelly and pineapple which also counts towards your five a day and is also a source of vitamins, minerals and fibre, which are good for your health.
  • When you are shopping in your local supermarket, keep an eye out for fruits in season such as strawberries and raspberries, as it can be cheaper than buying tinned fruit.
  • Stock up on tins of peaches, pears or pineapple slices and make sure they are in their own juice, and not preserved in sugary syrups.
  • Buy some dried fruits such as cranberries or raisins, or a couple of dried apricots and pears. Be careful not to over indulge as these contain high amounts of sugars.
  • If you fancy a smoothie, make one yourself. The healthiest way to do this is to blend some frozen fruit with some semi-skimmed or skimmed milk or low-fat and low-sugar yoghurt and addsome 100% unsweetened fruit juice.

And instead of ice cream, try:

  • Lower fat yoghurt – make sure it doesn’t contain added sugar. Add fruit for a delicious dessert.
  • Sugar free jelly
  • Lower fat rice pudding

Make sure you check the labels when buying low in fat products because these so-called healthier alternatives can sometimes contain added sugars and sweeteners for added flavour.

Low in sugar drink options

With the consumption of fizzy drinks being blamed for children’s tooth decay, here’s some ideas on how you and your family can replace them.

Try drinking more water; as many health experts suggest that we drink at least 2 litres a day. If this doesn’t take your fancy then add small amounts of diluted sugar free squash, cordial, or fruit juice or add a slice of lemon or lime to your child’s water.

Semi skimmed milk or skimmed milk can also make a difference as this contains calcium, which is good for the bones.

Pure, unsweetened fruit juice is a healthier option too as it retains the vitamins from the fruit. And a 150ml glasscounts as one of your five a day, although, remember, it’s only one portion, no matter how much you drink.

If you take sugar in tea or coffee, try cutting down or swapping to sweeteners instead. Try some new flavours with herbal teas. Or make your own with hot water and a slice of lemon or ginger.