Get your teeth whitened in time for Valentine’s Day in Pontyclun

Posted by Default Admin on 19 January 2015


With Christmas now a distant memory and Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it is time to think about spicing up your love life by treating yourself or your loved one to an unforgettable gift with teeth whitening.

So ditch the chocolates and flowers and give the gift of a beautiful smile instead, by getting your teeth whitened in time for Valentine’s Day in Pontyclun.

Tooth whitening techniques have come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years and Brilliant Dental Care are delighted to bring some of the most successful techniques to their practice in South Glamorgan.

The practice offers its patients a choice of techniques, all of which begin with an individual consultation to decide which approach will work best for them.  Some treatments offer almost instant results, whereas others involve a gradual whitening system, where customised trays are used for an hour per day to achieve the desired colour.

Tooth whitening works well on “yellowing” teeth and is also successful on teeth that have a “grey or brown” appearance.  The simple, highly effective process is painless and non-invasive so it won’t weaken your teeth in any way.

This fast and effective procedure allows patients to enjoy sparkling teeth in a safe, non-invasive way that helps to enhance their appearance and brighten their smile.  Brilliant Dental Care’s in-surgery power whitening involves the application of a gel to the tooth surface which lightens the tooth colour by several shades.

Home tooth whitening involves custom made trays used alongside a whitening gel, which you then wear whilst asleep or for short periods during the day. Results are usually seen in two weeks.

You can give your loved one a gift which lasts well past that romantic day. If you are single, what better way to pamper yourself than teeth whitening?

To seal your Valentine’s Day with a kiss why not make your teeth sparkling white by booking  here or calling the team at Brilliant Dental Care on 01443 237 500.

Brilliant Dental Care can also help whiten your teeth by offering Cosmetic Tooth Polish and Tooth Colour Restorations.