Fun ways to encourage your children to look after their teeth in Pontyclun

Posted by Ruth Morris on 10 October 2014


Tooth decay in children has been a hot media topic recently especially with dentists in Wales calling for more to be done for the number of primary school children in Wales suffering from tooth decay.

Show your children how to brush their teeth or watch a YouTube video with them

Children love to copy adults, so why not sit down with your child and brush your teeth together each morning and evening before they go to bed. You can make this fun by demonstrating and getting them to try by saying things like “This is how I brush my teeth, now you try”. Why not get them to brush your teeth for you, so when you brush their teeth they will be more cooperative. If you are unsure on how to brush correctly yourself, sit down with your child and watch a YouTube Oral B demonstration video, this might encourage your child to ask questions about what you are watching and they might become interested in dental health from an early age.

Invest in an electric toothbrush for your child or use a timer app on your mobile phone

Why not download an app on your mobile phone to help make sure that both you and your child are brushing those teeth for a full recommended two minutes. Toothbrush timer, iBrush and Disney Magic timer are just some of many free apps available for download.

Keep a sticker chart

Children like to be rewarded so each time they brush their teeth why not put up an award chart so that your child receives a star or symbol each time the job is completed. There are plenty of charts that you can download for free.

Test your fluoride toothpaste

Why not take your child shopping and buy some travel-size toothpastes. You can then try them together and see which one your child likes, as your child is less likely to want to brush their teeth if they don’t like the toothpaste.

Treat your children to a new toothbrush

You and your child will be amazed by the amount of different toothbrushes that are currently on sale in the supermarkets. Take your child shopping every 3 months and let them choose from a selection. This adds to the fun and excitement of brushing and helps to remind your child of the important of how to look after their teeth.

How to you encourage your children to look after their teeth in Pontyclun? Do you use any special rituals? Share these with us on our facebook page.