Did you know....Dentistry!

Posted by Default Admin on 10 July 2016

Dentistry is a topic that you may not have given much thought.... But there are so many interesting facts that you might find surprising and perhaps even shocking! Check some out here.....














- The outside coating that protects your teeth is called ‘tooth enamel’. Did you know this is the hardest part of your entire body?


- There are 4 different types of teeth which are incisors, canine, premolars and molars.

No two people possess the same set of teeth – like your fingerprints, they are completely unique and should be taken good care of.


- Once upon a time, braces were only associated with young people and children. Now however, 20% of patients who undergo braces treatment are adults.

- In an average person’s lifetime, 38.5 days will be dedicated to brushing their teeth!


- The effect that your oral health has does not stop with your mouth. Your oral health is a good indicator for the rest of your body and in turn, your oral health can affect other organs in your body such as your heart.


- A third of a person’s tooth is obscured from vision, buried underneath their gums – so only a third of each tooth is actually visible!


- Giraffes only have their bottom teeth.


- The average person brushes for a mere 45-70 seconds per day… The recommended time is 2 minutes per day


- Dental plaque is made up of 300 types of bacteria.